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souvenir shop in Bretagne

December 18, 2018

I was invited to design furniture for a souvenir and local produce shop for a building that was designed by Kevin Bian Architecte, my friend and colleague. His client is an association called La Vallée des Saints, based in the French region Bretagne.

The furniture, made of wood with steel structure, is a range of modular elements that can be adjusted to fit different types of products – from T-shirts to beer and magnets. It was produced and assembled by Domus Arhitekti, a family business based in Serbia.

photo : Jonathan Letoublon


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201810_KBA_VDS_HD19 ┬® Jonathan Letoublon
A la demande de mon collègue Kevin Bian Architecte, j’ai dessiné les rangements et vitrines modulables sur mesure pour la boutique du bâtiment d’accueil de La Vallée des Saints en Bretagne. Le mobilier, fait en acier et bois, est produit et monté sur place par Domus Arhitekti.

photo : Jonathan Letoublon


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