that poison ivy…

September 8, 2014

We went Poison Ivy, a bit unintentionally though, Mila is a red-head already. So the idea came up because we have this beautiful old ivy on the adjacent wall to where the pictures are taken, in the garden. I put a metal string around her and just put branches in between Mila and the string. We sexed this outfit up with black stockings we stuffed with the entire leg with the heels on. We have this great easy and fast way of making shorts from stockings by cutting them.

Mila, the model, did her own hair and make-up and we styled her together from the ready-made we found around my family house. We did the edit together too. Photographs by me.

These photographs are part of an unconventional fashion project I started with my highschool friend Mila we called The Fashion Playground.





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