September 12, 2012

This garment was made out of an old architecture model of mine that finished in my father’s basement (the white cardboard with holes), and some black basics like old stockings that we butchered to get these shorts and stuff our heels in the rest of them to make them black. We used some wires and decorated the seen with some plastic plumbing we also found in the basement. We used a construction site protection helmet as a prop. If you see some smoke on the photos, my brother was making lunch just next to us on an open fire…

Mila, the model, did her own hair and make-up and we styled her together from the ready-made we found around my family house. We did the edit together too. Photographs by me.

These photographs are part of an unconventional fashion project I started with my highschool friend Mila we called The Fashion Playground.



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