passerelle housing

June 7, 2011

A housing complex in an organic open city block that features elevated streets – passerelles as a communicating method between two building and therefore breaks the traditional neighboring. The complex is conceived as three vertical communities across the two buildings of which each has a common terrace and they all gravitate to the same vertical communication block. All apartments are double oriented, as the galleries are perpendicular to buildings. The larger distance between buildings allow for better lighting of the triangular square they create in between them.


the diagram compares an ontological house to a multistory building in terms of relation to the public space – street / gallery / hallway and it’s privacy and lighting qualities



the diagram of evolution of two gallery type buildings facing each other in order to create an advanced type complex



hand drawn sketches of the buildings interconnecting



site plan: commercial ground floor of the housing complex and the business tower in 1:500 scale



plan of the 4th floor in 1:100 scale



elevation of one of the housing buildings – section through passerelles in 1:100 scale



elevation of one of the housing buildings with section through one of the accessing staircases in 1:100 scale


floor plans of duplexes situated on lower levels in 1:100 scale


apartment plans in 1:50 scale



light and shadow study of the in-between space on a cloudy day



the complete drawings list – apartments switch places throughout different levels to create a more diverse look to the complex



model in 1:500 scale


photo-maquettemodel in 1:200 scale

My mentors for this project were Milan Maksimović and Grozdana Šišović


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