kaca mikser predaja

open amphitheater

January 20, 2013

The artsy culture that conquers the ex-industrial riverbanks gets an extension to the “Mikser House” culture center – a flexible canopy that shelters an open scene and auditorium for concerts and theater performances. As an ancient garage was converted into a culture center, I imagined this informal auditorium as a ready-made of the industrial heritage found on the site. The canopy would be made of shipping containers, and the rest of the machinery out of other industrial parts of cargo ships. In this way, new use can be contemplated within the industrial collective memory of this “genius loci”. The project is an idea of how the entire neighborhood could be rehabilitated in this manner I consider sustainable in both ecological and social sense.


a diagram of the uses of the existing building – the rooftop as an auditorium, the canopy above and the stage in front


site plan with the canopy unfolded


plans of the building – access, toilets and the scene itself when unfolded


longitudinal section of the house when the scene is inactive


longitudinal section of the scene when active


longitudinal section

kaca mikser predaja

a detail of the scene when set up


an abstract model of the canopy form

kaca mikser predaja

a detail of the storage space for the folded scene and the staircase leading to the rooftop



a drawing of the concert held in the open scene


3D model made in SketchUp

katarina mijic RADIONICA

the animation of the use of the open scene


My mentor for this project was Zoran Lazović from the University of Belgrade – Faculty of Architecture

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