library competition

December 1, 2011

Team competition proposal for a cultural center extension to an existing library in the city center of Novi Sad (Serbia) I did with a team of fellow students. We imagined an extension that continues the existing forms of the buildings while preserving the central garden and enabling its’ use for the cafe and restaurant of the complex. The physical heated connection between the library and the culture center as well as the connection of the two parts of the cultural center was a priority that gave the final form to our project.


site plan


ground floor plan


diagrams of evolution of form that enables connection of all of the four existing and new parts of the building and preserves the protected urban form of the roof

diagramdiagram of the atrium – garden the buildings form


a birds-eye view visualization of the existing and the proposed extension in it’s urban context


a visualization of the project proposition showing the facade materialization and the use of the garden – atrium, as well as the physical connection of the two parts of the extension by the bridge, as well as the ground floor connection of the two existing buildings


elevations and sections, showing most importantly the bridge between the two parts of the extension and use of the atrium they form


a visualization of the street view of the existing library and the projected extension – a dynamic facade has moving elements to enable natural ventilation and light control


floor plans with program pictograms


a conceptual model showing the existing (white) and our project (metal) accentuating the notion of old and new


a visualization of the interior – the way the space is lit through the pattern of the facade


a pattern study of the facade – representing the vernacular pattern of the region’s tapestries and textiles



The team: Aleksandar Ristić, Aleksandra Marjanović, Dragana Ćiprijanović, Tijana Ilić, Relja Ivanić and myself

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