bike stop competition

February 10, 2013

The idea of GO biking stops was conceived in the negation of the motionless, but rather emphasizes the concept of a quick break in motion. At this check point you get to recharge your batteries, as well as your bikes. It’s a stop on the GO!

The whole point of a stop is a change in pace of a bikers dynamic, It’s an interval between place A and place B. Not an obstruction but rather part of the road. In the bike hub, you can let your bike dangle safely inside, then move on towards the relax hub, where you can pull out a chair and grab a bite, while watching the surrounding urban life pass by in quick pace. The two hubs make up a micro ambient of a picturesque station, a pin point in the flow of moment that happens around and through this location. Its transparency allows it to be practically nonexistent in comparison to its surroundings, and it strategically frames the energy potential inside- on one hand the raw mechanics of a two-wheeler and on the other- those that come to take a minutes rest, before they head off again to their perceived destinations. Ready, set, GO!


analyses of the cubicle size, bicycle size, stocking spacial requirements, developing a stocking system and its’ application to the cubicle


analyses of the seating size requirements, possibilities of flexibility and multiple uses, application of seating system to the module


axonometric view of the two shipping containers given as the module



site plan – a park next to a highway


plans of the two cubicles


detail of the seating cubicle

detaildetail of the bicycle storage cubicle


visualization of the two cubicles on the site


visualization of the two usages of cubicles – one for storage, the other one for rest and socialization

The team: Aleksandar Ristić, Aleksandra Marjanović and myself

The competition entry on the Trimo Urban Crash website

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