final project Belgrade

October 10, 2013

My final project at the Belgrade architecture school is based on my thesis on socio-spacial system and aims to achieve social balance in a city excerpt with tools of urbanism and architecture. The thesis determined what the characteristics should be of this “city in the city”: high density, compact, democratic, in a conflict place in the city. The building-complex itself was to resolve spatial problems of this part of the city, enable healthy socialization and working possibilities that are not spatial-related. The program was determined by the thesis as well: housing, offices, services (including commerce and culture). For a more elastic system concerning use of the buildings that enables its’ evolution with time, the buildings are conceived as envelopes that can hold a variety of contents.


site plan – between the old town hill and the river Danube


section through the complex’s public platform


plan of the complex


section through the public staircase with the elevation of the building developed in the project



floor plans of the building developed in the project


a detail of the museum part of the complex – entrance to caves


a birds-eye view of the complex in it’s surrounding


a perspective view of the building developed in the project – public platform passage


a top view of the model in 1:1000 scale of the complex in it’s surrounding


a birds-eye view of the model in 1:1000 scale of the complex in it’s surrounding


a section model in 1:200 scale of the public stairs and the passage under the building developed in the project


a detail of the 1:200 scale model


a photo from the jury

The project was exhibited at the 36th Salon of architecture in Belgrade, Serbia from 26. march until 18th may 2014.

My mentor was prof. Aleksandru Vuja from the University of Belgrade – Faculty of Architecture

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