campus in the forest

September 1, 2011

Project of a university extension unit with a dormitory – a campus in XS, situated in a forest in Belgrade.

In the middle of a forest, with no urbanization around, the context is – the climate. For this reason I set as parameters for conceptualization of the project the noise that shapes the plan, the light that shapes the section, and the temperature that creates limits. The noise determines horizontal programmatic succession relative to two poles: the silent one, and the noisy one; in other words, the functional sections of the open plan are graduated by intimacy (silent) and collectivity (noisy) demands. The light determines the form of the building vertically – the dispersion of patios, skylights, and shades in this buried building. The difference in temperature demands segregation of spaces.

The building meets technological demands of an ecological building – the building situated in nature. Ecological – climatic efficiency of the interior is achieved by sewage water collection, solar panels, acclimatization system, floor heating…



collection of study diagrams on how parameters shape the form and the program of the building


a conceptual model of structure with variations – using same elements with position and size variables


site plan – the forest Košutnjak in Belgrade

plansplans of the XS campus

C:UsersAdministratorDesktopfile 1na100 ili cak manje Model (

longitudinal section of the building

transversal section of the building with the sewage water recuperation diagram

C:UsersAdministratorDesktopbeograd Model (1)detail of the longitudinal section – the rising floor of the amphiteater

detail of the longitudinal section with natural light diagram


plan of levels -2 and -1


a wire-frame visualization of the living space – private units upstairs, the collective space downstairs


a wire-frame visualization of the campus as seen from level -2


photographs of the model in 1:1000 scale



a case study of a day in the life of a student living in campus done as research for the project

My mentor on this project was prof. Aleksandru Vuja

The project was published in the book Instant City by Aleksandru Vuja, my mentor on this project (“Instant grad. Arhitektonski ogledi.”, Aleksandru Vuja i Vesna Mila Čolić Damnjanović, Arhitektonski fakultet Univerziteta u Beogradu, 2013.). The book cites about the project:

The project explores the possibilities of horizontal distribution of building functions by overlapping multifucnctional spaces of the central content, with housing cells, which leads to the specific effects of physical porosity. Regarding the level of spatial organization, individual building function characteristics result in complex interdependencies. In fact, such union creates an abstract mechanism of the building functions, while the function limits become blurred, and the space is being developed in the territory of various functions.

20141020-_PM_9046 20141020-_PM_9049

photographs of my project in the book “Instant grad. Arhitektonski ogledi.”


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