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June 30, 2012

The essence of the project is a distinctive type of construction that is moving and reacting to the meteorological and atmospheric conditions on currently deserted Ada Huja in Belgrade (those is the only context present on the site after artificial elevation of the ground level). Stretched canvases are photovoltaic and collect solar energy while also provide protection from the sun. In the second position, the screen acts as a protection from the wind and in the third position it collects rain by imitating funnel, storing it and later uses for irrigation.

Modeled based on similar mechanisms in nature, the construction expands in a way that allows for a maximum surface coverage with the least possible consumption of materials, and thereby creates an interesting game of triangular structures that in abstract form can be identified with existing built structures nearby.


site formal study, identification of abstract triangles as context and site caracteristicsconcept

study and abstraction of natural form of growth of a mycelium (fungi)

vizuelization-vectoran abstraction of the structured viewed from the hill across imitates the vue of the hill from the project site – triangular roof forms around the hill


position analysis of a moving segment of the structure


an infographic of the structure appearance


a close-up on the structure – a knot and a triangular photovoltaic sail



detail of the ball bearing in the knots of the structure

ispit - vector 2

an infographic of the structure in proportion to the man


model of the structure segment in 1:10 scale



a wire model of the motion structure



a close-up of the wire model of the structure in 1:50 scale

A video of the model in motion


This is a team project of Nikola Milanović and me, done as a studio project M5 in 2012. It was featured on the website of our metor Đorđe Stojanović from the University of Belgrade – Faculty of Architecture

*All wire model photos and video by Pierre Morel

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