animate the abandoned

March 20, 2012

Our notion of abandoned places comes from it’s deserted-ness as well as its’ state of physical devastation, but further analyses makes us aware that there is also a sociological factor which influences our emotions and perception of these places. Having this in mind, we define the term abandoned places also as a feeling of discomfort, social in-acceptance and the feeling of alienation inside them. As an answer to these places where people feel uncomfortable and alone, we offered passers a feeling of acceptance through immediate interaction with us. Freeing passers of their doubt and skepticism, we free these places which seize to be abandoned…

The white pages say: Dunja (the girl’s name), want’s to, give you, a highfive! In Serbian it literally means “Dunja want’s to throw at you… a bone!”

The team called me.tri.ka consists of Aleksandar Ristić, Aleksandra Marjanović, Dragana Ćiprijanović, Tijana Ilić, Dunja Simović, Mila Dragić and myself, video by Pierre Morel

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