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2D infography in architecture

December 30, 2013

I am a master of Adobe Illustrator and I love making diagrams, infographics and communicating my idea in a very simple and graphical way. I find it important to present architecture in a playful way anyone can understand instantly (we all know how confusing technical drawings can be). My idea is that one illustration can show the essence of a project.

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an infographic I made for a team school project of heating/cooling systems in a single family house we designed

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an infographic I made for a team school project of economy for a single family house we were about to design


a diagram I made for a team competition entry that shows public lighting of the square (left) and flux of pedestrians and vehicles (right)


a diagram of daily routines of poeple of diffrent age I made for a team school project



a demography chart for a municipality in the Paris region I made for a team school project



diagram I made for a school project that represents all of the students and responsible adults in a particular school, its’ program with sizes demanded for each activity, with the plot size, and a study of children evolution in size and therefore chairs and tables sizes too



urbanism study of Parisian suburb Grigny and its’ public transport connections

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infographic I made of sustainable life-cycles for Philippe Rahm while interning at his office in Paris



an infographic I made for a team competition entry that studies bicycle and it’s stocking space requirements



collection of study diagrams on how parameters shape the form and the program of the building I made for a project of mine

A graphical study preceding the competition project project for a housing complex called Rasadnik in Lazarevac, Serbia.


The first drawing illustrates a coal mine digging that advanced to a village with 4000 households scheduled to expropriation and moving to a housing complex (to be designed in the competition) in the city nearby. It also graphically explains the positioning of diatomaceous earth that gets extracted by necessity and no further reuse, but could actually efficiently be used as thermal insulation for the future housing complex built by the mine Kolubara.
rasadnik1A drawing explaining the general concept of water recuperation and reuse in households


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an infographic I made for a team competition entry that compares a traditional kiosk to an advanced one

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